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The Full Story



Kiki Swimwear is an ethical swimwear line, created in Bali, Indonesia.

Militza Paulus the brand owner is a 28 year old Chilean/German girl living in Germany. She has always been into Bikinis because , why not. She believes that everyone should feel comfortable in their own body. No matter whether you a size XS or XL. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. 

All bikinis were made out of a recycled fabric from fishing nets and old carpets but not much different from any conventional Bikini fabric. This fabric has a very soft touch to it and helps out our planet. We think by now that everyone tries their best to recycle and reuse what we have on hand, in order to help our little Planet.

Our collection once launched will not be restocked due to new upcoming collections.


Our mission is to make this world a better world for women and children. We plan on giving back to the community by donating 1% of yearly sales.  


Our vision is to make women more confident in their own body.  By inspiring them with the worlds beauty.

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